” The Literature on the walls spoke eloquently of forty beautiful girls and the dreamy music of Lonny Killula and his Melodic Hawaiins. I climbed one flight of echoing stairs to a booth and bought a ticket. Inside were the forty women, lined against the opposite wall, sleek in tight evening dresses, most of them blondes. Nobody was dancing, not a soul.(extract of John Fante, Ask the Dust)

Artistic direction, Concept, Choreography
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Created and performed with
Ivan Blagacjevic, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Teresa Vittucci
Original Music & orchestration of existing music
Clive Jenkins
Eric Wurtz
Set design
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Séverine Besson
Construction set design
Victor Roy
Technical direction Pierre Montessuit
Administration Tutu Production-Genève
Production MadMoiselle MCH Association-Genève
In coproductionwith adc / association pour la
danse contemporaine (Genève), Théâtre de Vidy (Lausanne), Tanzhaus (Zürich)
VIADANSE Centre chorégraphique national de Franche-Comté Belfort,
Tanzhaus Zürich, adc Genève
With the support of Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande,
Pro Helvetia Fondation Suisse pour la Culture, Migros pourcent culturel,
Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fonds de dotation Porosus, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation
Ernst Göhner, Stanley Thomas Johnson, Fondation Suisse des
Artistes Interprètes, de la Corodis.


Premiered 20 May. 2016 Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne

20 May.-29 May. 2016
Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne

08-09 June 2016
Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-St.-Denis

30 Sept. + 1st + 2 Oct. 2016

2 Nov.- 12 Nov. 2016
Théâtre de l'ADC-Geneva

23+24 March 2017
22 Sept 2017

Dampfentrale - Berne

Taxi-Dancers ©Lukas Beyeler

© Gregory Batardon

© Gregory Batardon

© Gregory Batardon

Taxi-Dancers © Gregory Batardon