Accompanied by two Sandro Rossetti at the drum and Samuel Pajand at the trompette, Marie-Caroline Hominal invites to a stroll. The parade inspired by circus and carnival opens to a dreamlike dimension, with interludes proposed such as spoken or danced short stories.

Invited to perform in the context of the exhibition La Part Modeste by Delphine Coindet, Bernard Belluc, Gérard Collin-Thiébaut at MIAM - Sète, Marie-Caroline Hominal followed by the audience roams the museum with breaks in front of several works, mixing music, dance, poems reading.
The performance can be adapted to different spaces and events.

Parad/isiaque (2019)

Direction artistique & performance Marie-Caroline Hominal
Bass drum Sandro Rossetti
trumpet Samuel Pajand

3 Oct 2019 MIAM - Sète (FR)
17 Dec 2019 Istituto Svizzero-Venise (IT)
19 Dec 2019 XMAS Night Out, Istituto Svizzero-Rome (IT)