Ballet # 2 is part of a series of performances where Marie-Caroline Hominal invites artists de differents universes to create a fancyfull parade. Alone or together, along the wandering, their actions shape living images, fragments of stories, poetic and wacky moments.

Ballet #2 is a hallucinated carnival, eclectic and ramshackle, like a huge masquarade. The audience is led to immerse into the construction site, used as a scenery for the performance, as many possible stages.

Marie-Caroline Hominal
With 7 to 8 performers
Ivan Blagajcevic, Helden Trichter, Zerbo Mamadou, Samuel Pajand, Sandro Rossetti, Victor Roy...

Tour dates
1 Nov. 2017 construction site of Plateforme 10, Lausanne (CH)